Spring means Asthma?

For many people Spring is a mixed blessing. If you have Asthma you are more likely to also have Seasonal Allergies. The budding trees, the flower pollen, the mold from the rainy days combine to make your Asthma worse. You can check online for pollen levels in your area, such as this one by IMS Health Inc. http://www.pollen.com/state.asp?id=mi. And there are apps for that as well!

You may have to “rev” up your asthma medication too. People that do well on using only the Albuterol rescue inhaler as needed may have to return to daily controller inhaler use. You may want to get a jump on the season and see your health-care provider for a check-up and to get your prescriptions renewed.

Don’t forget the basic precautions that Seasonal Allergies sufferers take: shower and change your clothes when coming home from school or work, avoid being outdoors between 5AM & 10AM and sleep with your windows closed tight!


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