The Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS) are unique school-based health centers providing services to Ann Arbor Public Schools, Lincoln Consolidated Schools,  and Ypsilanti Community Schools. Our mission is to provide school-based health programs and clinical services that improve the well-being of students, their families, and communities. Youth will receive high quality physical, emotional, and preventive healthcare from professional staff that are responsive to the needs of a diverse population in Washtenaw County in an easily accessible, supportive, and youth-friendly environment.

RAHS clinics offer students a variety of services on site including:

  • physical and sports participation exams;
  • acute illness management;
  • chronic illness prevention education and management;
  • immunizations;
  • adolescent risk behavior assessments and health counseling;
  • individual, group and family counseling services;
  • lab tests;
  • referrals for community resources;
  • insurance enrollment;
  • translation and interpreting services;
  • nutrition and physical activity programs; and
  • dental and vision screenings and treatments.

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